Hookah Tips
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Hookah Tips.  Select your favourite hooka pipe!

  1. Place ice in your base water for cool and fresh puffs
  2. If you have experience coughing or shortness of breath during your smoking session, you should pick the charcoals off the bowl to let the bowl and tobacco cool. In the meantime, blow the dense air out of the glass base using the air release marble. After a short period, put the charcoal back on the bowl and go on smoking.
  3. Puff the tube at regular intervals to release the high density air from the glass base using the air releasing valve to enhance your smoking experience. If the air is not discharged from the air release valve, although you puffed from the tube, unscrew the valve from right to left and clean the small marble and its hose. Reconnect after cleaning and drying.
  4. The average smoking time for your water pipe is around 45 min (it may vary by size of the tobacco bowl)
  5. Blow into the hose gently to clear stale smoke.
  6. You can put several things in the water to improve the taste or the amount of smoke the hookah produces. Milk will make the smoke thicker in the cost of having to wash the different components carefully after smoking. Mint leaves or slices of lemon will improve the taste of the smoke
  7. Mix tobacco with a little bit of the same flavored juice to enhance its flavor
  8. Keep your tobacco in airtight pots after you open the original package.
  9. You should smoke your water pipe with your friends so that you can have a pleasant chat.
  10. You should wash the glass base, hose and bowl.
  11. You should smoke on a full stomach.
  12. While smoking your hookah , it is recommended to eat salty foods (preferably salty peanuts).
  13. Do not stuff the bowl with tobacco. It will get clogged.
  14. Poke many small holes in foil to endure slow charcoal burning.
  15. It's generally a good idea to keep your hookah on the floor
  16. Wash your hookah carefully each and every time before and after you smoke

Mini Hookahs

small nargile

Mini sized hookahs come with all the attributes that big hookahs have. We offer a variety of different designs and colors to provide an enjoyable smoking time. Each one of our mini hookahs is completely authentic and crafted to the highest standards. Choose the best mini hookah that suits you.

Junior Hookahs

Argila sheesha tabaco

Junior hookah pipes are top quality hookahs. You get the best of everything in a hookah with a convenient size and design. Best way to start smoking shisha. Have you decide what's hookah is best for you?

Modern Hookahs

Basket ball style hookah pipe

The modern hookahs are the fresh looking, hottest and most interesting hookahs around. Our modern hookahs come made in different shapes and styles for you. Each one of our modern hookahs is crafted to the highest standards and completely authentic. Our shisha smoking pipes are functional, attractive, durable and available to you.

Egyptian Hookahs

Hookah supplies from Egypt

Classic Egyptian hookahs are high quality hookahs. Our Egyptian hookas are completely authentic and crafted to the highest standards. They are functional, attractive, ready for your smoking needs. Take a look and see which classic Egyptian is waiting for you!

Syrian Hookahs

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The Syrian Hookahs are the highest standard hookahs you can find. All our Syrian hookahs is completely authentic and are hand crafted. Syrian hookahs have a beautiful, wonderful Syrian design! Go a head and choose your own!

Rotating Hookahs

Rotating hookah

Rotating hookahs makes group smoking in bars or parties. Pass the hose to your smoking buddies and avoid messy hose tangles and looping. Each one of our Rotating hookahs is completely authentic and crafted to the highest standards.

Karim Abdul Hookahs

Karim Abdul Hookah

We glad to present to you most famous of Egyptian hookahs! "Karim Abdul" hooka pipes are known as the top quality hookahs in Egypt our days. The Hookahs have a solid stainless steel bodies, all 100% authentic Egyptian. All models includes top quality Egyptian vases with oriental decorations. Smokers have the opportunity to buy an authentic high quality hookah in a reasonable price.

Premium Hookahs

Premium hookahs

Premiums hookahs are kings of our collection. Each premium hookah is real a work of art! All hooka pipes are hand crafted, the most luxury hookahs you can find. With Premium hookahs, you'll smoke like royalty, and your imperial companions will always be impressed by your fine taste!

Multiple Hose hookahs

Rotating hookah

If you are a fan of big party's smoking occasions or are simply looking to comfortably accommodate group smoking, the Multiple Hose Hookahs is where it's at. With the Multiple Hose hookahs, you get the best of everything and the opportunity to smoke together with your friends, making the smoking experience even more fun!

Collectors Hookah

Blue hand made ceramic hookah

In this section you will find special unique hand made hookahs that are simply a work of art!

The 2.0 Hookahs

2.0 Modern Hokah Pipe

These ultra-modern hookahs is the hi-tech in world of shisha smoking. These shisa smoking pipes are the product of the newest technology available on the market. The models are produced from Aluminum.

Led Lighting Hookahs

LED lighting hookahs

We offer specail glowing modern hookahs! They have an extra option. A led light bulb which lights the crystals in the hookah in different colors. Great choice for new shisha experience and romantic smoking.

Bracket Hookahs

Bracket hookahs

The Bracket hookah is the new style in the shisha smoking world. It has a unique and revolutionary design. This modern design of hookah has the advantage of stability and safety as the clay bowl has a built in protection around it and metal legs that support it. The Bracket hookah is easy to operate and can be easily placed on a table.