WHAT is a hookah ?


Human beings first discovered tobacco before Christ. When burning the tobacco leaves in praise to God, the believers noticed the pleasant taste and have been using it ever since. The Indians burned the outer layer of the coconut, which was similar to tobacco ,and inserted a bamboo into the coconut to enjoy smoking. This started the water pipe culture that would go on for centuries. Water pipe have evolved into a culture since then.

Today, the water pipe and the dazzling culture around it, is preparing to turn back to its magnificent old days. On a side note we do have to say that with the rise of personal vaporizers and smoking flavored liquids helped quite alot in this rise. Day by day the culture which adds magic to the tobacco is attracting more and more interest. The name - water pipe- which is an important part of eastern culture, derives from the Persian word ‘nargil’ which means coconut. The first water pipe designs, which were named ‘?hi?a’ in Arabic and ‘Kalyan’ in Persian, were seen in India. The first water pipe,which was made of the coconut’s outer layer by inserting a bamboo to the coconut, made room for the marrow squash while bringing a new dimension to the consumption of Indian hemp. After constantly gaining popularity, porcelain and silver body water pipes appeared, followed by the tile, silver plated and glass made water pipes. It first became widespread among the Persians and later among the Arabs.

Nowadays, hookah-smoking is a seemingly unbreakable social habit that, despite a vigorous anti-smoking lobby, is growing in popularity, especially among non-Arabs. In the Middle East, from Turkey to India, there are hookah cafes where people gather to smoke and drink coffee or tea.. Smoking a hookah can last two hours or more and is a very peaceful, social occasion generally filled with good conversation with friends..

Hookah's come in many varieties

Green hookah with 2 hoses.

Healthier than cigarettes

Mint hookah with a single hose

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Blue small hookah, single hose

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